On Tuesday, February 20, 2007, a ten (10) woman, two (2) man jury convicted Stephen Karl Cox, a Taney County resident of the C felony of possession of methamphetamine. Mr. Cox has multiple felony convictions for both the manufacturing and the distribution of controlled substances including methamphetamine and cocaine. As a result of his prior felony convictions, Mr. Cox faces the A felony range of punishment as a prior and persistent drug offender.

On or about July 5, 2006, officers from the Combined Ozarks Multi-jurisdictional Enforcement Team (COMET) executed a search warrant at Mr. Cox’s residence in Rockaway Beach. Upon search, officers discovered numerous items of drugs and drug paraphernalia throughout Mr. Cox’s residence. Another co-defendant in the case, Janet Massengill still faces felony drug charges.

James Poe, Assistant Taney Co. Prosecutor was pleased with the jury’s decision. Mr. Poe said, “Mr. Cox has been a known methamphetamine manufacturer and distributor for a number of years. We believe his incarceration and removal from this community will be a step in the right direction to address the drug trade in Taney County.” Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Christopher Lebeck, further added that “the outstanding work of the COMET officers helped bring a known drug manufacturer and dealer to justice.”

Sentencing for Stephen Karl Cox is set for April 5th, 2007. An A felony carries the range of punishment of ten (10) to thirty (30) years, or life imprisonment. A class C felony carries the range of punishment of one (1) day to one (1) year in the County Jail, one (1) year to seven (7) years in the Department of Corrections and or a fine not to exceed five thousand (5,000) dollars.