Taney County Prosecuting Attorney, Jeffrey M. Merrell announced today that VICKY KIRKLAND, dob: 9/10/1958 of Lowell, Arkansas was found guilty of the felony of receiving stolen property after a bench trial in the Circuit Court of Taney County Missouri on January 21, 2010. Formal sentencing is set for March 19, 2010.

On October 11, 2008 VICKY KIRKLAND drove her Ford Explorer to Branson, Missouri and was accompanied by two associates who shoplifted from stores at the Tanger Mall. VICKY KIRKLAND’S associates put the shoplifted goods into her Ford Explorer into duffel bags brought to Branson by the women to hold stolen merchandise. Four other women, including VICKY KIRKLAND’S daughter, SHELLY CLARK, plead guilty to felony stealing. There was no evidence VICKY KIRKLAND stole merchandise, but she told officers she was aware the other women were stealing.

SHELLY CLARK, dob: 4/20/1985 was also scheduled on January 21, 2010 for a bench trail on her felony stealing charge. However, SHELLY CLARK entered a guilty plea without a plea agreement before her trial began. SHELLY CLARK had written a confession on the date she was caught by the Branson Police.