Samantha Smitherman (d.o.b. 1/23/1991) of Springfield, Missouri, was sentenced on Thursday to fifteen (15) years in prison for her role in a series of car break-ins occurring on October 5, 2010.

On November 17, 2011, Taney County Circuit Court Judge Mark Orr sentenced Smitherman, pursuant to a plea agreement with the Taney County Prosecuting Attorney’s office, to concurrent fifteen (15) year prison terms on six (6) different class C felonies – one (1) class C felony of Stealing and five (5) class C felonies of Tampering in the First Degree. A class C felony normally carries a maximum penalty not to exceed seven (7) years in prison and/or a $5,000.00 fine, however, Smitherman was charged by the State as a persistent felony offender. Because Smitherman had been previously convicted of two (2) or more felony offenses, her maximum sentence on each class C felony was enhanced to fifteen (15) years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

On October 5, 2010, Smitherman was driving a stolen car around Branson, along with two other individuals. Smitherman and her accomplices used a tool to smash the windows out of several automobiles around Branson, stealing purses and other items from inside – including at a Branson School parking lot. Smitherman was developed as a suspect through an investigation by Branson Police, who tracked the use of credit cards stolen from the victims’ purses. During an interview with Branson Police, Smitherman admitted to her involvement in the crime spree.