GERALD W. MOGAN, d/o/b 2-23-1970, of El Dorado Springs, Missouri, was sentenced on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, to four (4) years in prison for the class D felony of Attempted Sexual Misconduct Involving a Child, and to five (5) years in prison for the unclassified felony of Attempted Enticement of a Child. On September 17, 2014, Senior Judge Carr Woods presided over a bench trial in the Taney County Circuit Court, after which Woods found Mogan guilty of the two (2) felonies.

Mogan was charged for having used his computer webcam to transmit sexually explicit video images of himself to an undercover law enforcement officer – who was masquerading as a 13 year old girl. Taney County Sheriff’s Deputy Nina Welch was working with the Tri-Lakes Regional Internet Crimes Task Force in 2010, when Mogan contacted her via a Yahoo instant message. Once Welch communicated that she was a 13 year old girl, Mogan began to correspond about sexually explicit matters, including going to a motel room to engage in sex. Mogan also sent her photographs of himself and multiple videos of his genitals.

Attempted Sexual Misconduct Involving a Child is a class D felony, which carries a maximum penalty of four (4) years in prison. The felony of Attempted Enticement of a Child carries a minimum of five (5) years in prison and a maximum sentence of thirty (30) years in prison. Mogan’s sentences were ordered to run concurrently with one another.