On Wednesday, the Taney County Prosecutor’s Office received several telephone calls from people questioning whether the murder trial of Robert Campbell had been cancelled. Apparently, Missouri Court’s automated notification system disseminated false information to people who had signed-up for that notification service. Many people with an interest in the Campbell case have registered to receive automatic updates through the MOVANS program. “Unfortunately, the automated system was wrong about the trial being cancelled,” says Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell. “Trial is still scheduled to begin in Joplin on April 6th.”

Robert Lee Campbell, d/o/b 7-09-1944, of Willard, Missouri, is charged with arranging the kidnapping and murder of Russell and Rebecca Porter, of Willard, in April of 2011. The trial will take place in Joplin, due to a change of venue that moved the trial from Taney County.