TASHIA CURLEY, dob 11/24/1986 of Nixa, Missouri was sentenced today by Taney County Circuit Judge Tony Williams to ten (10) years for the class A felony assault in the first degree and five (5) years for the class C felony of felonious restraint. Both counts are to run concurrent and probation was denied. On May 2, 2017 TASHIA CURLEY entered a plea of guilty to both counts in front of Senior Judge John Waters.

On July 26, 2016, during a house party at a residence off of Hall Drive in Branson, Missouri, TASHIA CURLEY got mad at a partygoer and proceeded to assault her with a bat. The victim was struck in the head multiple times by CURLEY and suffered lacerations, bruising and facial trauma. After the assault, CURLEY and an accomplice dragged the victim to a Chevrolet Suburban and held her against her will. Two eyewitnesses observed CURLEY driving the Suburban towards Branson on State Highway 76 while dragging the victim on the pavement from a passenger door. CURLEY and her accomplice were later located at a residence in Springfield, Missouri, where they fled from law enforcement.  The Chevrolet Suburban was later recovered from a residence in Ozark, Missouri, and processed for evidence by the Taney County Sheriff’s Department.