Today, the Taney County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office successfully collected almost $9,000 in delinquent taxes. The proceeds collected will be paid to the Department of Revenue; Taney County and the Prosecuting Attorney’s office each receive 10% of the amount collected. Rachel Beeton, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in charge of delinquent taxes said, “we are pleased with the results we have seen in just a few months this year. In prosecuting these cases, we hope to make sure that local businesses are in compliance with the requirements of the Department of Revenue.” The Taney County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is committed to the prosecution and collection of delinquent sales taxes and income taxes that are owed to the State by Taney County businesses and residents. Businesses that are operating without a valid retail sales license will be required to obtain a valid license and pay all delinquent taxes owed to the state.