Awards were presented yesterday to two employees of the Taney County Prosecutor’s Office in their efforts in resourcefulness in the workplace.

Candy King, administrative assistant for the office, was recognized by Taney County Prosecuting Attorney, Jeffrey M. Merrell for her help in starting a recycling program for the prosecutors office. In response to the new recycling program, Jeff Merrell commented, “our office generates a ton of paper a day and I am glad we are now taking steps to recycle our waste instead of it ending up in a landfill.”

Shelia Kellett, a member of our bad checks and restitution department, was recognized for identifying an area in her department where some costs could be trimmed. In recognizing the efforts of Shelia, Jeff Merrell stated, “it is important in these economic times to make sure we are looking at maximizing our budget and being efficient with the limited resources we have available. I appreciate Shelia’s effort in recognizing an area where we can save money for the County in our day to day procedures.”