On October 21, 2010, John R. Storm (D.O.B. 09/16/1968) pled guilty to two separate cases, involving two separate female victims. Each case included two counts, one for domestic assault in the second degree, and one for felonious restraint.

On Thursday, December 2, 2010, John R. Storm was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Mark Orr to five (5) years in prison on each of four (4) separate counts, two (2) counts for domestic assault in the second degree and two (2) counts for felonious restraint. Probation was denied. Each five (5) year sentence is to run concurrent to one another.

On June 16, 2009, a female walked into the front lobby at the Sheriff’s Office to report an assault. She informed deputies that she had met her boyfriend, John Storm, earlier in the night for dinner. During dinner they began arguing. On the way home, the defendant detoured to a deserted road and dropped off the victim and she had to walk over a mile to get back to her car at his house. Once she arrived, he began yelling at her, and took her car keys and her cell phone. The defendant then began to beat her repeatedly in the head, face, arms, and back. He also choked her with his hands. The victim managed to run out of the house at one point but the defendant chased her down and tackled her in the neighbor’s driveway. The defendant forced her back into the house, continued to hit her, and forced her to sit in a chair and not move. The defendant told her that if she tried to leave that he would beat her worse and nobody would ever see her again. The victim was eventually able to leave the house.

On April 13, 2010, deputies were dispatched to the area of Shary View Road for a report of a female with blood on her wearing a night gown. Deputies arrived and spoke with the victim and she identified herself to be the girlfriend of the defendant at the time. She stated that the defendant started getting rough with her, he pulled her hair, beat her head against the wall and hit her in the face several times. The defendant also kicked her in the ribs. The victim was pushed down and choked. The defendant also head butted the victim, and put his hands over her face so she could not breathe. He took her cell phone, keys, and purse, restricting all of her communication. The defendant restricted her to one room in the house and would not let her leave. She was eventually able to escape.

Taney County Sheriff’s deputies investigated both of these incidents and “had it not been for their dedication and hard work, bringing justice to these victims would not be possible”, stated Jeffrey Merrell, Taney County Prosecuting Attorney. “The judge made it crystal clear that you can’t get away with this type of unnecessary violence in Taney County,” said Tiffany Yarnell, assistant prosecuting attorney. Toni Hendricks, assistant prosecutor who focuses primarily on cases involving domestic violence, followed up by stating, “The cycle of domestic violence is a very sad thing and we want victims to know that we are here for them and will prosecute these cases to the fullest extent that the law allows.”