On Thursday, January 17, 2013, in the Circuit Court of Taney County, Missouri, LYMAN B. MUNGER, d/o/b 5-06-1971, of Branson, was sentenced to prison terms in two (2) unrelated felony cases. Judge Mark Orr sentenced Munger to seven (7) years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for the class C felony of domestic assault in the second degree, and to six (6) years for the class D felony of property damage in the first degree. Munger’s sentences were given pursuant to plea agreements with the Taney County Prosecutor’s Office.

Munger’s guilty plea to property damage stemmed from damage caused to an electronic alcohol monitoring device that Munger was placed on as a term of his probation. On November 8, 2011, Munger’s probation officer noticed alerts from the device and made a home visit to Munger’s residence. At the residence, the probation officer found the damaged device, but Munger was not home. Later, Munger admitted to his probation officer that he had become angry and damaged the electronic alcohol monitoring device. The device was valued at nearly $2,000.00, and was determined to be damaged beyond repair.

Munger pleaded guilty to domestic assault for beating and choking his girlfriend – while he was intoxicated – at their home in Branson, on November 22, 2012.