On June 20, 2013, the Honorable Judge Mark E. Orr sentenced JEFFREY IGOE, d/o/b 11-09-1961, of Bangor, Maine, to 6 (six) years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for the offense of assault in the second degree, and 1 (one) year for the offense of assault in the third degree. Those sentences are to be run concurrently with one another. Igoe had pled guilty to the charges on May 16, 2013, without any plea agreement with the Taney County Prosecutor’s Office.

According to Branson Police reports, Officer Michael Emerson responded to a Branson theater on April 12, 2012, for a report of an assault in progress. Upon arriving, Officer Emerson found a man lying in the first floor stairwell on the east side of the building. The victim had multiple abrasions on his face and neck and was bleeding. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Mr. Igoe had followed this co-worker into the stairwell and had attacked him there, immediately after being terminated from his job. Mr. Igoe choked the man, threw him down the stairs and into the concrete wall, punched him in the face multiple times, and kicked him in the ribs multiple times. This victim was transported for medical treatment on his multiple head and torso injuries. During the assault, another co-worker had entered the stairwell and attempted to stop Mr. Igoe from continuing to beat the first victim. That man was punched in the face by Mr. Igoe, resulting in the third-degree assault charge. Mr. Igoe then fled the scene in his vehicle. A warrant was issued for his arrest and he was later apprehended in the State of Maine.

The maximum sentence for assault in the second degree is up to 7 (seven) years in the Missouri Department of Corrections and/or a $5,000.00 fine, and for the offense of assault in the third degree is up to 1 (one) year in jail and/or a $1,000.00 fine.